The risks & side effects

of Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve is a weight loss surgery technique that can be used to treat the most serious cases of morbid obesity. The operation is designed to remove a large percentage of the gut. This treatment can be invasive and may result in lengthy recovery times and a longer stay in hospital than some other options. It is important to realise that each and every operation can have risks and complications. Surgical outcomes can be subject to very individual experiences. Different patients have different bodies which can increase risks and ameliorate risks. If you’re considering this type of surgery, you should discuss the risks and complications you may face with your doctor.

Patients undergoing this procedure tend to be severely obese. They may have pre-existing obesity-related medical conditions even if they are unaware of them. For example, the candidate may have poor circulation, which can place him or her at greater risk of developing blood clots following the procedure. If you’re considering gastric sleeve surgery you’ll need to speak to a health care professional for a full medical evaluation to determine your suitability for this type of treatment.

Like any operation involving the use of incisions, gastric sleeve weight loss surgery can expose the patient to infections relating to the use of surgical apparatus. For smokers, there can be a higher risk of blood clots than for non-smokers, so smokers hoping to undergo the procedure are likely to be advised to cease smoking at the earliest opportunity.

A patient’s stomach is sealed by staples during the final stages of gastric sleeve surgery. As a result, there may be a risk of leakage through the small openings in the operated organ. Infections can develop and can in some instances lead to lasting damage to the stomach and regions surrounding the affected area. Your doctor should advise you regarding the frequency of complications and the nature of any particular risks you may face due to your individual circumstances.

All operations have their potential risks, complications and side effects. When it comes to gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, only qualified health care professionals are in a position to render medical judgements about your risk level. They can also provide information on complication and mortality rates associated with the surgery.

If you’re obese you may be at greater risk of heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Weight loss surgery may change your life for the better in many ways. Gastric sleeve surgery is just one of several surgical options available so speak to a professional about your options and advice on the procedure that may be most suitable for you.



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